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Globally thirty million people have fled their homes in search of safety, and for the numerous this safety cannot be granted. A refugee is a term that applies to any person who has a well-rounded fear of being prosecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality and a membership of a particular group or political opinion. Since 1976, twenty eight thousand refugees have arrived in Australia by boat, they account for just two percent of the Australian immigrant intake. The issue of whether we ought to allow refugees into our country is one of the tremendous debates of our time. It’s a significant issue by reason of concerning our fundamental moral and economic questions about not only in ourselves but for the country also. A verity of different arguments have been put forward about this issue. Australia in…show more content…
Multiculturalism promotes unity in society through accepting people from different cultures, religions and racial and ethnic backgrounds and if accepted will provide positive outcomes for the entire population of Australia, unfortunately a multitude of people have not accepted. The media has a sizable influence on this by doing what they always do by showing only the negative and none of the positive. Refugees have contributed several positives towards multiculturalism such as food styles, art, household appliances and buildings throughout Australia’s lands, but none of this is reported on a wide spread scale. If multiculturalism was accepted everywhere in Australia it would result in a much improved future for Australia providing opportunities for everybody to contribute positively to the social, cultural and economic towards Australia. Surely if additional Australian citizens knew about the positive deeds several refugees contribute to, many would be more accepting of them and Australia would be a much superior place for it with Multiculturalism intact

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