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Love is a feeling that everyone in our world at some point in their lives grow a definition for. Whether it be companionship with a beloved family pet, or falling in love and spending the rest of their lives with their significant other, creating their own life and family together. Love should not be deemed as a crime, yet in this world, it has become one of the most common crimes committed. Marriage equality has been a hot button issue for quite some time and because of this, has also become a touchy subject for most people to discuss in a public and sometimes even private settings. In the end, what you choose to believe is yours to decide. Here is a short story: One summer, a girl and her friends were playing a game of volleyball on the…show more content…
Meaning, there are clear arguments as to why it can be one or the other. For the sake of this argument, let’s go with the assumption that people are born knowing how they identify, their gender. Caitlyn Jenner, formerly known as Bruce Jenner, has lived her entire life as a male, until recently when she decided to be herself and transform into the woman that she is today. One person may not be enough to sway the minds of some people that it is possibly Caitlyn has always known she was a woman trapped in a man’s body. However, there are many other people in the world who have undergone this transformation from male to female or even female to male. These people are known as transgender. People of the LGBT community are given a lot less credit than what they deserve. It is understandable that living in a straight world as a gay person, can not be easy. People who do not believe in gay culture simply treat them as if they are freaks of nature without a second…show more content…
Two kids, male and female developed a crush on each other and wanted to be together. Their society frowned upon the idea of being straight and told the kids that they could not be together. This video was a huge reality check for me and some of the people watching it with me. Through watching this video, my eyes had been open to how people who are gay or lesbian live their lives in a straight world. Personally, I can not imagine the pain they must feel inside for not being accepted as humans. Depression is a mental disorder that takes over the lives of people if they let it. The LGBT community suffers largely from depression that often times leads to suicide. Our peers are writing themselves off the earth because they are being unaccepted for who they are. Almost all TV shows that are on today have families that consist of a father, a mother, and their children. Modern Family is the only show where there is a gay couple. Even after gay marriage became legal in the state of California, it still seems as though people are disregarding the fact that gay people even exist. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being gay, lesbian, bisexual, or anything that is not straight. Our world has brainwashed themselves to believe that everyone needs to be the same. Diversity is not a crime. Love is not a

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