Persuasive Essay On The Impact Of Health Care

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In much of the developed world healthcare is a right but in America many citizens struggle to afford it still today. Healthcare is an important part of living a healthy life and if people cannot get the care that they need, they often run into problems down the road. America needs to join the rest of the modern world in providing health services for people as a right and not a privilege. Expanding healthcare may be a more liberal view with increasing the government control but it does not have to be. The U.S. government has so much control over the system because of the subsidies that they offer to the wealthy. The U.S. needs to find ways to better allocate their funds in order to help the poor pay for healthcare. If the wealthy can but in the free market then the governments control would shrink and the U.S. government would end up spending a lot less. As of 2015 there are eleven countries that rank…show more content…
The impacts of not be able to receive health care can be huge as individuals do not receive treatment for chronic diseases and major health conditions. People who cannot receive care simply miss out on important check ups, are more likely to suffer from depression, and can delay detection of certain forms of cancers (Paradise). All of these implications are reasons why the poor live shorter and less healthy lives compared to the rich. Not having health insurance can have a serious impact on ones health from premature death to postponing necessary care. In a study by the American Journal of public health there are almost 45,000 annual deaths linked to not having health insurance. This number now exceeds many common killers such as kidney disease (Cecere). The fact that America has not joined the rest of the modern world has cost many citizens their lives and will only continue to do so unless something is