The Healthcare System In Sicko By Michael Moore

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The healthcare system in our society today needs to be changed, and you would think if you had insurance you 're fully covered. With or without insurance people every day is being denied the help that they need and the government is doing nothing about it. As a country were supposed to be able to depend on our government in our time of need, even something as simple as health care. If we can 't depend on our government to help us when we are sick who are we supposed to turn to. Even in other countries like Europe for example, their government provides them with free healthcare. When you compare the two countries as far as health wise Europeans are living a lot longer than American due to getting the proper health care they need from the government.…show more content…
All these places provided their community with either free healthcare or they paid little to nothing to get the help that they need it. Hearing the different stories from the people in the film and it 's sad that they 're suffering because they can 't get the proper medical attention. What I don 't understand is if we have the resources to help someone get better why are we using it. Americans are very selfish and all we think about is ourselves. Instead of finding ways to improve us as a whole all we think about is how we can get ahead or how we can be better than the next person. "These rates are some of the highest in the world but, unlike most developed countries, the United States does not offer health care coverage as a right of citizenship. Most developed countries have a universal healthcare program, which means access to all citizens." If other countries are moving forward and developing why aren 't we following in their footsteps so we can better ourselves as well. Even having insurance in the United States doesn 't really mean much if you need serious surgery or medical attention. Insurance companies will find anyway or reason to deny you the medical attention you need. A woman in the movie was denied this particular form of treatment for cancer all because she didn 't inform them that she has a urinary tract infection that she treat herself. That sounds…show more content…
which provides us with insurance and all you have to do is sign up for it. When you work for a company they provide you with insurance and if you are unemployed or in between jobs and something happens to you you won 't have insurance. Obama care provides people that are unemployed or their businesses don 't provide insurance helps them by giving them insurance in case of situations like this. It 's good that they at least provide people with some form of insurance even if it 's not the best insurance it still helps. The healthcare system isn 't completely bad that would be even better if it was free. Many people have tried to convince our government that free health care is beneficial for everyone, but as we can see they 're still hasn 't been a change. Yes there has been minor adjustments within our healthcare system that is beneficial for the middle to lower class individuals but I feel like we can do much better. The reason I believe that we don 't have free healthcare is because these insurance companies are making so much profit off of the people and it 's benefiting them in the end game. There are convincing the government that if we change our ways that it 's only going to harm our community versus helpless. I don 't see the harm in saving someone 's life but I guess the price of wealth is more important than a human life. If we are paying taxes I don 't see why we don 't get the
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