Persuasive Essay On School Nutrition

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Students all around the nation refer to lunch as their favorite subject of the day, not only does it provide a social hour, but it also supplies a day 's worth of energy in one meal. However, it centers around one of the most problematic issues school systems face today. Children are constantly reminded that it is essential for them to take care of their bodies and fuel it with needed nutrients, but, ironically, schools are the guilty of distributing some of the worst meals students could possibly consume on a daily basis, simply because they are economical and easy to distribute on a budget. Although, schools do claim to exerting an effort towards giving students healthier foods. Nevertheless, many nutritionists would not consider a diet soda,…show more content…
Also, it is no secret that poor nutrition can lead to childhood obesity, which has become a nationwide epidemic recently. Obesity can also lead to a variety of diseases, such as stroke, high cholesterol, heart and liver issues, and diabetes. As a result, many young students, especially teenagers, tend to lose their self-esteem, leading to a long a difficult road faced with depression and anxiety. Lastly, it should come as no surprise, but malnutrition causes poor academic performance, lowering the reputation of many schools. Without a doubt, changes have to be made in order to protect the future of American…show more content…
Low-cost meals are not worth the price of the medical bills that are promised to come and it is still very possible for schools to distribute nutritional lunches for an affordable price. It is necessary for legislation to make the change. Furthermore, it is ridiculous that emotional disorder numbers among adolescents have skyrocketed due to the lack body image, which is highly influenced by the way the eat. Therefore, it should be encouraged for schools to improve their meals, but that is only going to be achieved if a series are strict laws are placed, limiting calorie, sugar, fat, carbohydrate, pesticide, and other chemical intake. Lastly, Americans have always focused on exams and performance in a classroom environment, but they ignore the fact that what students eat, highly influence their performance. Ergo, increased meal funds would only benefit different school systems, through increased academic accomplishment rates. Although it is a grueling process to pass new regulations, it is vital for all students that school meals be improved in order to protect their physical and mental
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