Persuasive Essay On School Board

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In many towns and cities across America people are demonstrating their disdain for school boards. For years, citizens have been trying to abolish school boards because of the corruption and problems they cause. But school boards still stand today and without them public education would develop many problems. With some revisions school boards could be brought back to their former glory.
What does a school board do? Many people couldn’t explain what school boards actually are allowed to do under the government’s standards. School boards “connect federal and state levels” to make sure that all schools in the United States are following laws and regulations (Resnick, 2010 p.12). The board has five primary functions, setting policies …show more content…

The news constantly shows the negatives in school boards and only shines a light on the corrupt ones. If the good in school boards was made more publicly, I believe that many would have a different opinion when they heard about school boards. Most school boards are very good at using the tax dollars toward things that will actually aid the education of the children. Each district in America is different, each has their own economic difficulties and problems. What one district needs for their schools could be the total opposite from what another might need so, school boards make custom decisions for their schools. School board members bring diverse opinions and backgrounds. They “ensure that different voices get heard, the marginalized have someone to appeal to, and different concerns get weighed” (Hess, 2010 pg.16). If school boards were taken away then the decisions would be made more like a business, we would lose the “moral, and social responsibility” each school board member feels (Ravitch, 2010 …show more content…

People want to rip apart school boards but I feel that with some revisions many against them would come around. The federal government needs to put more revisions on who can run and be elected on to the boards. This would flush out most of the corruption and would show the candidate’s motives. Also, if people became more acquainted with the five functions of school boards than the boards could focus more on the main aspects of their responsibilities instead of citizens trying to push trivial problems on the board members. With these revisions, I believe school boards will become more respected. School boards have been helping aid education for years and with a couple tweaks can be more

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