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Choosing to live with or without pain is not a choice someone should have to make, but dying with pain is something no one should have to endure. According to studies at the end of life, pain is a symptom that most dying patients experience. Fear of pain at the end of life is more distressing to a patient than the cause and/or death itself. Human suffering can be increased by pain, so pain control is a necessity at the end of life and according to studies, many patients with severe pain either received inadequate pain control or did not receive analgesics at all due to their decreased level of consciousness (Steindal et al, 2011). So why is it illegal for a dying patient that is still sound of mind to ask for help to end their own suffering…show more content…
I believe that just as society is willing to keep an animal from suffering, that same compassion should be given to a patient who is on their death bed in uncontrollable pain.
Uncontrollable pain is one of the major reasons people become inactive and begin to deteriorate. An inactive lifestyle severely impacts a person’s quality of life. Choosing to live or die on their own terms before their quality of life is stripped away should be an option for someone who is dying. The person should be able to make that decision without any guilt or shame brought on by physicians, society, or family members. Let’s take into account a patient diagnosed with ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis). ALS is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that is characterized by progressive muscular atrophy, which includes the muscles that aid in speech, swallowing, chewing, moving, and breathing (Taylor, 2016). “Because of the degeneration of nerve tissue that instructs the voluntary muscles, patients are
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Choosing to live or die with dignity is a choice a terminally-ill person who is conscious should be able to make. Just like patients have the right to refuse life-saving medical treatment and doctors have the right to deny a patient a life-saving operation because of their age, or because they are “high risk,” patients should have the choice to ask for medication that will end their pain and suffering. Like advance directive and advance care planning (ACP), where a person appoints a specific person to make health care decisions in case of incapacitation such as coma or dementia. ACP leaves written instruction of medical treatment that should or should not be performed that would prolong their life in hypothetical medical scenarios. The option to get help from a physician at the end of life to let them die with dignity while they are still able to make decisions should be added to the

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