Euthanasia: A Way to End the Agony

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As a suffering person, ill and in excruciating pain, would you like to continue enduring the pain in your life in extreme agony? Or would you rather rest and bring your life to a painless close? Every country is the home to sick people. Some live every day in excruciating pain, while others can’t do anything without assistance. For many, living in pain and not being able to do anything on their own is no way of living; and want to die to rest and put an end in their suffering. In many countries, this method is called Euthanasia, but is often referred to as assisted suicide. Unbelievably, in many countries around the world including Canada, euthanasia is illegal. Human euthanasia shouldn’t be illegal in Canada and should depend solely on the individual not the government of Canada. Two reasons why euthanasia should be legal in Canada are: Many people believe that ill people, debilitated for life and in torturous pain basically live no life and suffer every hour, day, minute and second they live. The second reason is that the law in Canada considers euthanasia to be manslaughter as seen in the following quote, “One might expect euthanasia to be prosecuted as first-degree murder, because there is intent to cause death, which is the definition of murder, and the act is most often planned and deliberate, which is the definition of first-degree murder.” Euthanasia is simply a way to end a person’s agony, but should only be done if the individual specifically asks for it to be done.
Every person that lives in pain deserves to have the chance to put it all to an end. Some people are debilitated and can’t even feed themselves. Everything in their life has to be done for them and with assistance. Some people prefer to be dead rather than ...

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...d to a person’s suffering. People from all over the world have completely different opinions about assisted suicide. Many people believe that euthanasia is a very effective way of ending a person’s grief. Many people are fighting against the law. The law against assisted suicide is unjust and should be illuminated. The government should have no say in whether a person’s heart stops beating because of their agony. Euthanasia should be up to the sick individual and the government’s decision to place a law should be withdrawn. But euthanasia has to be done in an ethical manner and humanely. Restrictions should be placed around euthanasia and should be done in a very delicate and specific way. It should be understood that euthanasia should only be used under extreme circumstances and to ease a person’s pain. A person’s torturous life can easily come to a gentle close.

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