Persuasive Essay On King Claudius

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Death to the Royals

“A serpent that did sting thy father’s life/Now wear his crown.” There is given evidence throughout the entirety of the play that King Claudius is a murderer. Because of Claudius’s crafty skills of language, he uses words as his choice of weapon. After we learn of the Late King Hamlet’s death, King Claudius deceives the court into believing that the Late King Hamlet died in his sleep. When in truth, King Claudius has murdered the late King Hamlet. Another person of the court that dies due to King Claudius deception, is the widow of the Late King Hamlet and the new wife to King Claudius, Gertrude. King Claudius is able to lure Gertrude into believing his intentions are good until she dies from drinking poison out of a cup that was intended for Hamlet- her son. Yet the most evident form of treachery comes from King Claudius, so formally plotting against Hamlet – his nephew – until his death. All in all, King Claudius is a bad person
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In the ultimate disguise – blood, King Claudius is close to his brother, if not the closet. This gives King Claudius an opportunity to murder his own brother without being suspected. Murder most foul, as in the best it is. But this most foul, strange and unnatural. In this quotes, late King Hamlet’s ghost is implying that his death is strange and unnatural because his own brother murder him by using poison. While late King Hamlet sleeps in the garden to rest, King Claudius pours a veil filled with poison into his ear, killing him. Although King Claudius murder the late King Hamlet-his brother, King Claudius is able to influence the kingdom that late King Hamlet died peacefully. Not once does King Claudius show emotion for his brother death, instead he marries his wife- Gertrude. In result, King Claudius’s act of treason in the murder of the late King Hamlet, his brother, solidifies his bad
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