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An Eye for an Eye in Hamlet

Claudius is justly punished for the murder of king Hamlet. The punishment fits the crime because his brother's son killed him. King Hamlet killed by the brother killed by the king's son. He was murdered. It was pay back, "what goes around comes around" "an eye for and eye and a tooth for a tooth" What these two quotes are mainly saying is that you get what you give. Claudius took his brothers life therefore his life was taken away. Not only did Claudius kill his brother to marry his wife and take over his throne, but he caused the deaths of the queen, king Hamlet, Polonius and Ophelia.

Hamlet was told by the ghost of king hamlet to get back at Claudius for his death, or his soul will travel on earth forever. Even before hamlet knew about Claudius killing his father he had problems. It made hamlet mad that his mother would marry so fast and with his uncle. What Claudius did was an outrageous, back stabbing, and unbelievable thing. It was clearly an act of jealousy for his brother's throne and the wife. Claudius did pay back for his actions. Claudius lost his wife, his messenger, and died and even after his death kept loosing because he lost his castle to Fortinbras.

Not only was Claudius punished by Hamlet but "God" also punished him. The reason that God punished Claudius, is because everyone he cared for and who helped him died. Polonius and Queen Gertrude. Polonius was killed by hamlet, when hamlet thought that he had killed the king. Claudius killed queen Gertrude with the poison whine that he had prepared for hamlet. He killed the one he loved instead of the one he wanted to kill.

Claudius was even punished after death. His throne and whole castle was taken over by Fortinbras. Not only where his wife and friend dead, but he later died himself by his brother's son. Claudius killed and his turn to die came, but it took some time and other people to die too.

Claudius was punished for the queen's death because although he did not intentionally mean to kill her, he watched her drink the poison that he had prepared for hamlet. He knew that she was going to die, but he didn't say anything because he was all for himself.
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