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How does one fit in society and know what is acceptable? Social justice dictates our place in our community and society. Our own social justice views influence how we work as a whole. This includes fair treatment of every individual and making sure we all get the same opportunity as the next person. Equal opportunity should be available to everyone and there should be an open playing field for everyone. In our society, nothing is perfect. Not everyone agrees one hundred percent of the time and everyone can have different views based on institutions, political views and ideology. Institutions that affect our social justice views can include religions, schools, our government, social networking and media. Our own identity of ourselves is highly impacted by the restrictions and judgments that come along with these institutions. Whether you believe in it or not, you are impacted directly by the views from these institutions. The views of these institutions can be a determining factor in your decisions, because if you decide the rebel against these views you can look like an outsider. Social justice defines what should be done in order the live the perfect American Dream, be socially acceptable, fulfill life to the fullest and be an active member of society. A social justice issue that I find very interesting is the way we view and treat the immigrants in our country. Immigrants contribute to our lives in many ways. The United States was founded upon immigrants and look where we are now. We must figure out a way to utilize the benefits that immigrants can offer our economy and society. We often have a misinterpretation that immigrants are taking all of our jobs and ruining our economy. To my surprise, I found this to be incorrect. F... ... middle of paper ... ...laws of immigrants. By reforming the laws we can allow more legal immigrants to move to our country. We will always have illegal immigrants but if we make the process for becoming legal easier, we should directly see less illegal immigrants in our country. This would cut down on the illegal and undocumented immigrants and allow more foreigners to have the opportunity to contribute to our economy. Many businesses are not going to like immigration reform. More limits on legal immigration will slow down job growth. Cutting down the amount of immigrants in the country will mean that they will have to spend more on higher qualified employees that are doing the same work that an immigrant was doing for less. So with an efficient plan on regulating who can enter and live in our country, we will in return be able to enjoy the many benefits immigrants can offer our country.

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