Persuasive Essay On Homelessness In America

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Homelessness in America has grown for the past decades and the public/private responses have grown with it. There have been programs to help the them and programs to make them unwelcome in places. The homeless are gradually decreasing, and with awareness of the types of people that are homeless and the programs, laws, policies enacted, they will have the help they need to transition to a home and off the streets and the numbers will continue to decrease.
The National Alliance to End Homelessness identified under 600,000 people who are homeless in the nation, in the past year. “This translates to a national rate of homelessness of fewer than 18 homeless persons out of every 10,000 persons in the general public on a single night “(National Alliance, …show more content…

“Relying on law enforcement officials and jails to address homelessness and related issues, such as mental illness and substance abuse, that are more appropriately handled by service providers, causes problems and widespread frustrations within the criminal justice system” (Brown, 1999). They are there to break up fights or take in those with outstanding warrants. Criminals hide among the homeless. They have a better chance of not being found when living in areas such as these. Police tend to go to homeless camps to find anyone with outstanding warrants or even pedophiles that have not registered in the area. “Homeless persons would be arrested more often for less serious crimes than housed persons and would be more likely to be involved with drugs, but not receiving drug treatment” (U.S., 2012). When the homeless are criminals or those who tend to cause violent outbursts the retributive justice would be the police. They would respond to those who are acting …show more content…

When a homeless person tries to talk to a person the largest response that I have seen is ignored. I have witnessed homeless going into fast food establishments and treated very badly. People do not want to sit by or near them. People do not want to see that they exist. But there are those people that want to help. “During National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week, student and community groups organize local events designed to educate the public, promote community service, and build campus and community coalitions to end poverty” (National Student, 2012). They see the homeless and do not ignore but embrace that they need

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