Persuasive Essay On Health Policy

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My major is Health Science (Health Policy) and with this major, it is so broad that I believe I can do many things with it. I believe this major focuses on administration jobs whether it is at hospital, clinical, or school settings. By writing this legislation and acknowledging these steps of implementing, it will help with my future job such as administrating in a school setting in terms of providing healthier food and beverages and/or physical activity. My other option would to work in hospital setting under pediatric or my route could be completely different and work with adults and create or implement a policy that promote health and wellness. I am unsure but I do see myself walking towards that route. However, my focuses are on children…show more content…
The con would to sustain it outside of school. The parents do not know where to get the resource. Another they have the resources but they do not have the time to cook nutritious meal.
If the schools are struggling to get them switch from poor to good nutritious food, they can adopt one of the behavior methods. In this place, they are trying to get the children in the public school to consume healthier food and beverage during school hours. For the school to alternate the children’s behavior, they have adopted social cognitive theory. …. This study did not take place in a school setting but in after school program in a public library. Though, I feel this method can take place in a school setting if they want to motivate the children and promoting nutrition meals and
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However, at home they are completely opposite. In the United Kingdom, their public school system is facing the exact problem we are facing in United States. There are 10% of children worldwide are carrying excess fats that lead to increasing and prevalence of childhood obesity. In the US, we are trying to implement a policy that gives better options of healthier food and beverage for children during school hours. Whereas in UK, their school system is set on healthier food and beverage except when the children bring their own lunch. Typically, when children bring their own lunch, it usually consists of high sodium and processed-food. In order to prevent children bringing those types of food, the government took initiative and created an intervention by planning SMART lunch box. Randomly, they chose 176 schools out of 88 county schools. In addition, 89 schools participated and divided into two groups. The group received the SMART lunch box with supporting material went under three phases. First phase contain some apples, a menu of the week and a blank pad for shopping. Second phase, give parent leaflet to inform them how to encourage their children to consume more vegetables and fruits. Variety of food and menu of the week were provided. Third phase, no food this time, a menu of the week, ideas for recipe books, and lunch chart. A few were able to accomplish and
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