Factors Of College Success

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College success is defined as a personal goal that will prepare students for the occupational job field that the student is pursuing. Many factors lead to success in college and identifying these positive influences is important to serve as a guide for parents who desire a college education for their children and for college students who want to achieve their educational goals. There are differences of opinion in ranking these factors or influences in order of importance. There are some who believe students who receive strong parental encouragement is key for success. Another major factor for college success is the amount of time a student spends on their academics. Then there are others who think the value of education is a leading factor for college success. However, there are three factors that are most likely to lead to college success, Parental encouragement, the amount of time that is dedicated to studying, and the value of education Parental encouragement helps students become more successful in college because parental involvement gives the student a sense of security. The student has more confidence knowing they are not traveling though this journey alone. Parental guidance will also prevent the student from making poor choices regarding a college major. Parents will be able to…show more content…
Every student defines college success in their own way. Parental Encouragement is one of the biggest factors in college success; students who receive plenty of love and support during college are destin to succeed in everyday life. It is the student’s responsibility to dedicate time to focus on their studies so they will be successful in college. Students who know the value of education are more likely to succeed in life in general and become a valuable asset to any team they decide to join. College success is based on the personal drive of each college student and that will define their success in
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