Persuasive Essay On Gay Marriage

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On June 26, 2015, the US Supreme Court ruled by a 5 to 4 vote that the US Constitution guarantees the right for same-sex couples to marry. This new right plays a role for the people who accept gay marriage and the people who oppose it. The people who accept it will be glad and enjoy the fact that everyone will be treated equally, and the people who don’t accept it won’t be too excited. I personally stand by the fact to allow gay marriage because we live in a diverse and welcoming country. This is additional proof of something we have been taught in schools all our lives. Also, America is the land of the free, which gives each citizen freedom of speech, right of privacy, and freedom of religion. If someone is Christian, Muslim, Jewish, or an …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that the us supreme court ruling on legalizing gay marriage in all fifty states is fair and gives every human their right.
  • Opines that opposing gay marriage is just another form of prejudice, since the bible has no standing in american law. pollitt states that having children isn't a marital requirement.
  • Explains that denying homosexuals the right to marry because of their sexual orientation is discriminatory and wrong. it makes them feel less capable of love and commitment than straight people.
  • Argues that there is nothing wrong with gay marriage because of equal rights, increased adoption rates, and decreased youth suicide.
  • Opines that same sex marriage will still be a popular topic of debate because of people who ban certain things and let some things of the same kind pass. with the supreme court ruling, everyone is treated equally when it comes to marriage.

According to the first amendment, the bible has no standing in American law. Opposing gay marriage is just another form of prejudice. Also, on a common sense level, do American citizens really think that if gay marriage is not allowed, that gay citizens are going to stop or change their way of life? But of course those who oppose giving citizens their freedom, really have no supporting facts to throw into the argument besides the religious ones. Additionally, many people think marriage is about making kids, but this isn’t always the case. To support this statement, Pollitt mentioned in “What’s Wrong with Gay Marriage?” that “having children isn’t a marital requirement” …show more content…

In “What’s Wrong with Gay Marriage,” Pollitt discusses that there is nothing wrong with gay marriage. In Pollitt’s essay, she gives three reasons as to why there is nothing wrong with same sex marriage. She stated that, “It’s not about having children, not about civilizing men, and it’s not about marriage evolving” (530). In my opinion, Pollitt is right. There is nothing wrong with gay marriage because of equal rights, increased adoption rates, and decreased youth suicide. One reason why there is nothing wrong with gay marriage is equal rights, which is very important in showing that everyone is equal. For example, Tom has been wanting to marry his boyfriend for a while. One night, he asks his boyfriend out on a romantic dinner date. They have their dinner, but before they serve their dessert, Tom gets down on one knee and proposes. His boyfriend agrees to his proposal. The next day, he and his boyfriend go to the City Hall to get a marriage license, but they get denied. As the example shows, he could not help who he fell in love with and being denied to marry his love is not equal. Equal rights have a part in gay marriage because a man can marry a woman he loves and everyone will approve. But if he was to fall in love with another man, it will most likely be denied, and

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