Persuasive Essay On Foster Care

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Even though most people don’t know, there are children and adults all around us that have been in the foster care program. More than half a million of today's youth are currently in foster care. The foster care program is for children that are taken away from their families due to unsafe living conditions and are placed with a temporary family until they are either placed back with their families or adopted. Many foster children are bounced around from home to home and never stay in one place for very long and this at times causes there to be behavioral problems with the said child. Foster care has been a major part of my life growing up. Although I am not a foster child, nor was I in the past, my family and I were a foster family, along with all three of my aunts. My aunts have homed over one hundred foster children, and have even adopted some along the way. My family and I have had two foster boys who have both been adopted and now have the family they deserve to have. …show more content…

While it is important to take these children and give them the proper care needed, it is also very traumatizing for anyone to be taken away from their parents/family. After being taken from their families they are placed in a potential foster family, never knowing how long they will stay there. It could be for one night, one week, one month, or even a year. Foster care has many effects on children in the system. It is very traumatizing for a child to be taken away from their family without notice and placed in a family with strangers. Children in foster care have a higher rate of substance use and a higher delinquency rate. Children in the foster care program often feel unwanted and believe that no one cares so they begin to act out in hopes of getting some

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