Persuasive Essay On Energy Consumption

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People in the world consume a large amount of energy that puts a strain on our ecosystem and can be toxic to everyone. Energy consumption is a worldwide problem. The energy consumption varies from country to country but added together causes some serious concerns. What can we do to better regulate consumption and emissions to help save our planet? We will first need to look at the sources of emissions, fuel sources and the consumption of different areas of the world. We will then need to discuss some possible solutions or regulations to impose on those countries with high consumption rates. We will then need to discuss how to cross cultural boundaries and come together to address the issues at hand. Since I am from the United States I will …show more content…

This could be a problem. One county’s way of controlling emissions may be radically different from another country’s way. This would be mainly because the fuel source may be different. China for example uses mainly coal which is high in emissions while the U.S. uses mainly a petroleum form which is still rather high but less than coal. Our emissions control would be rather different from one another. We can try to bridge this by committing to using less of that source and commit to applying new renewable energy sources. This will cost a lot of money at first but will eventually start to pay off with savings from the use of the other sources. Plus it’s a win-win situation because it will be better for our planet and in the long run healthier for …show more content…

We have already destroyed so much of our planet, it’s time we started to fix what we have done. There is so much we can do as individuals to help out rather than just rely on the Government to come up with solutions. Let them work on better technologies for us to use but we need to help them by eliminating uses of our own. Something as simple as changing the lightbulbs in your home to a more energy efficient fluorescent bulb can save a lot of energy consumption. This means less carbon dioxide emissions because less energy is being used. Plus, your light bill will drop which means more money for you. This is only one example we can use if you go to you can find 49 other helpful and useful ways. You see the thinking is already done for us, we just need to

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