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After months of waiting and eagerly anticipating a video game or program you have been following ever since it was announced, it is finally released for all to enjoy! But, to your dismay, you do not have the sufficient funds to obtain the highly-anticipated program. While you are upset and missing out, you wait a while and look for other people’s opinions on the freshly released product; you search for a little bit and to your surprise, you see mostly negative thoughts about it! Disappointed but still willing to try the game yourself, you think to obtain a copy illegally to try it out for yourself. Should you go with that thought and find an illegal copy impulsively? No, as companies usually share a trial or demo version of their product for consumers to try. But what if they do not? You still should not pirate the product, instead try to find a legal way to try it; maybe try to borrow a copy from a friend so you can form your own opinion about it. What if you cannot do that either? You still avoid pirating any type of recent software and wait until you have the funds to purchase it. Piracy is not tolerated by the law…show more content…
Digital Millennium Copyright Act, or DMCA, is a copyright law that directly deals with the protection of digital products. Companies can use DMCA to get rid of unwanted illegal links to their products, this is noticeable on Google on certain search terms as the website gives you a warning that a link has been removed4. Most computer programs are protected by copyright, but there are some programs that one will not get in legal trouble for if they obtain it from an unauthorized source; these programs are referred to as abandonware, they typically are still protected by copyright, but since they are outdated the creators do not bother pressing legal charges on those who download and share

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