Persuasive Essay On Concealed Weapons

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Concealed Weapons All but one of every public mass shooting since the 1950s have been in an area where citizens are banned from carrying weapons. Adults should be allowed to carry concealed weapons. Studies on concealed weapons have show that if civilians have concealed weapons, crime rates are significantly lower. Civilians with weapons have more knowledge than the police when the crime happens, and are safer. Bans on assault weapons have no affect on crime rates and fatal assaults.

Statistics show that crime rates are significantly reduced when citizens are in possession of a concealed weapon. There are 31,672 incidents where citizens are using weapons against other people. Weapons owned by citizens are 80 times more often to be used in self-defense or to protect than to kill. There are approximately 270 million firearms owned by civilians. For women who carry concealed weapons, there are 200,000 instances in a year where a woman is using her concealed weapon to defend against sexual abuse. Of felons who have taken a survey, 3 out of 5 won't mess with an armed victim. The U.S. has the highest gun …show more content…

These some major benefits of a concealed weapons permit. Number one is that the permit puts officers at ease. What I mean by that is when you get pulled over; the officer doesn’t know if you have a weapon in your car or on you. So when you get pulled over and if you have a permit, you should give your permit to the officer so that they know that you have a weapon and will see that you are qualified and won't act on impulses. The second benefit is that it helps when carrying a weapon around uniformed people. If they see your weapon and call the police, you can prove that you are legally carrying your weapon. The third benefit is that you can carry your weapon in more open places such as restaurants and within 1000 ft. of schools. Except you cannot carry a weapon in these places without a permit (The Daily

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