Persuasive Essay On Gun Safety

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Bart Palosz’s parents were on their way home one evening to the joy of their son, but instead, what they found was a tragic scene. Entering his sophomore year, on the first day of school, Bart was immediately targeted for a seemingly harmless joke organized by the other students; but little do they know it would be the last time they would see Bart Palosz. Bart has been a victim of bullying for over two years due to his body releasing hormones faster than the average teen at the age of 15 making him 6 feet and 3 inches tall. That evening, right after school, his heart and mind were so clouded by the pain of humiliation, Bart decided to end his life. Bart was aware of the shotgun in his parent’s room and he knew how to acquire it. With his parent’s…show more content…
Patrick Marley from the Journal Sentinel of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, published an article stating, “Instead of firearms training, people can attend hunter safety courses to qualify for permits. Those classes occupy only 10 hours just for the individual to be able to carry handguns for their own private needs.” ( This is a prime reason why the public’s safety is the job of the authority, officials, and police, not the people. Many states don’t even require as much training for citizens to carry firearms. Officers go through several months to years of training before sent out into duty compared to the public. Why is there a bigger requirements placed on officers around the world, but a lower requirement on average citizen to have the rights to carry handguns? This is why citizens should not be allowed to carry weapons for their own safety and the safety of others. If given that the states disapproved of citizens rights to bare handgun then in order for the police forces to protect their citizen in times of danger, the officer must first arrive at the time of the incident. Politicians and the supreme court will often debate that just in case of an unpredictable events that officers are…show more content…
It is important to understand the potentials of a handgun in the hands of officials or even just the public. Allowing the public the rights to bare handguns put everybody around them at risk along with them as well. Gun acceptance law has been one of the most controversial conversations in the world with their pros and cons igniting the flames constantly. To better protect the citizens of China, instead of arming their citizens with weapons they upgrade their police forces allowing them to better protect their citizens. It is the duty for authorized personnel’s to be highly trained in carrying handguns to be able to protect the general public. United States of America is at a disaster due to the gun law that allows the public to carry handguns. Handguns should not be allowed to citizens because it possesses more danger and harm then providing protection and

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