Persuasive Essay On Child Adoption

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On February 6, 2014, my mother got a phone call saying a woman named Jasmine had chosen our family to adopt her daughter. She was thirty six weeks pregnant, and lived on the Missouri-Kansas border. We knew next to nothing about this woman, the baby’s biological father, or why she had chosen to give her baby up for adoption. Nearly two years later, my not-so-little sister Lilian is happy, healthy, and the best surprise we have ever had. In second grade my mother had my second little sister, and with the pregnancy and recovery came major complications. In the end of a three month ordeal, she had to have her tubes tied and was told she would never be able to carry another baby. Roughly a year later my mother suggested the idea of adoption; the whole family was excited as we prepared for another baby. My parents began researching agencies, and looking for a baby overseas or from a foreign country. We had decided on a child from Haiti, but the earthquake that devastated the nation had shut down the adoption agencies there. China, India, and other European countries required a minimum of three round trip flights for children who were medically fragile or had…show more content…
My parents had to take courses on how to handle a child from foster care; the rage fits, treating a baby with drug addictions, massive medical issues, and the abuse they had suffered. With heavy hearts, we decided a foster child was not the best suit for our family because of the one-on-one care and therapy they require. The point of this adoption was to make the family closer and bigger, not have everyone walking on eggshells and one child getting by far more time and attention. At this point, we chose an agency who would match us with children from mothers who were still pregnant or had recently had the baby and chosen not to
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