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The Right to Life Everyone born into this world inherits the fundamental right of life. However in the life that all humans have the right to, the freedom to choose death is arguably just as significant. In the last century, advancements in medical technology have made physician assisted suicide a prominent, easy, and highly controversial way to end a person’s life. Since a doctor can administer an euthanization to end a person’s life so easily, it’s ethics have been called into question. There must be certain conservative aspects of culture that humans must preserve and as such, euthanasia or physician assisted suicide should not be legalized in Canada. Morally, euthanasia is wrong, it puts to risk the most vulnerable social groups,…show more content…
However, even this is too much power in the hands of doctors and other medical staff. One could suggest: “Is it possible for a strict system to be instigated in Canada, that is highly selective of who can give and who is eligible for the treatment?”. The events that happened in Belgium, though, is enough to shut that idea down. In Belgium, it is illegal for nurses to perform euthanasia, but a 2010 survey in the northern region of Flanders, showed that 12% of nurses have performed the act. The vast majority also did so without the presence of a physician nearby. In cases where the patient never specifically asked for euthanasia, 45% of the cases we carried out by the nurses. The current law in Belgium about who can and cannot administer the life-ending drugs is being broken. Likewise, the laws in the Netherlands are being ignored as well. Euthanasia is technically still outlawed today, according to Dutch Penal Code Articles 293 and 294. However through various court decisions, many doctors have gotten around these articles, and are allowed to perform euthanasia if they follow guidelines. One of which is: “The death request must be voluntary.” However, a study done by Remmelink Report revealed 1,040 people died from involuntary euthanasia in 1991. The ineptness of enforcement to keep doctors within the boundaries of law is one of the reasons the recent Quebec euthanasia law is being challenged. The new law, scheduled to be in effect in December of 2015, will legalized euthanasia in Quebec. Not only will this law violate s.7 (life, liberty, and security of the person) and s.15 (equality rights) of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms it is also outside of the provincial jurisdiction. The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition stated on the Quebec

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