Legalizing Euthanasia

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Euthanasia had become a big debate in our society and the world. Many people ask, what is Euthanasia? “Euthanasia is a deliberate intervention or omission with the express intention of hastening or ending and individual’s life, to relieve intractable pain or suffering” (Sanders & Chaloner, 2007, p. 41). Thus the meaning of euthanasia is having the right to die if you are terminally ill, suffering and/or suffering a great amount of pain. Many people do not agree with the use of euthanasia, but if humans can put down animals why cannot we use euthanasia on humans? Back in ancient Greek and Roman times, the word euthanasia meant “good death”. Also it was allowed because many people did not live to long ages. When the times began to change so did people’s views on euthanasia, due to the new religion of Judeo-Christian Belief. Because life and death were giving to us by God, euthanasia goes against his wishes. If they practice in the act of euthanasia because of their beliefs they would be committing a sin and end up going to hell. (Yip,2009,p.1) Now those doctors can prolong life for people who are terminally ill, suffering or just elderly, by using certain machines, euthanasia has become a big debate. With many groups for euthanasia, such as pro-euthanasia and the right-to-die, are debating that euthanasia be legalized. With all these different view towards euthanasia, should North American consider changing its law to legalize it? Euthanasia in North American should be legalized because it goes against the Canadian Charter of Rights. The doctors should have the right to decide when to terminate a life. The patients should have a part in their own death. Last, a few countries already agree with euthanasia. Euthanasia goes again... ... middle of paper ... ... 3. Retrieved from Canadian Points of View Reference Centre database. Lewis, P. (2007). The Empirical Slippery Slope from Voluntary to Non- Voluntary Euthanasia .Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics, 20, 197-205. Sanders, K., & Chaloner, C. (2007). Voluntary euthanasia: ethical concepts and definitions . Nursing Standard, 21, 41-44. Smith, M. (2002, October 24). THE RODRIGUEZ CASE: A REVIEW OF THE SUPREME COURT OF CANADA DECISION ON ASSISTED SUICIDE.Government of Canada . Retrieved December 26, 2010, from Section 12(txt) Williams, J. R., Lowy, F., & Sawyer, D. M. (1993). Canadian physicians and euthanasia: 3. Arguments and beliefs . Ethical Issues, 10, 1699-1702. Yip,J. (2009). Euthanasia : An Overview. Canadian Point of View: Euthanasia, 1. Retrieved from Canadian Points of View Reference Centre database.
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