Persuasive Essay About Immigration

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First off, let’s just start by saying within the confines of the United States illegal immigration is not really illegal due to many different factors. Currently in the United States illegal immigrants receive healthcare, social security, unemployment and other forms of benefits provided by the US government “for its people”, which are funded by the citizens of the United States through their tax dollars but illegal immigrants do not pay taxes, they simply collect and piggyback off the rest of us. Not only that though with the increase of illegal immigrants comes an increase in the unemployment rate, the amount of illegal immigrants coming over each year, and taxes as we must pay for people that don’t belong here. If you were to trespass in a foreign country for instance let’s say Russia as soon as you step foot on their soil you’re “banned from the country for 10 years and you can receive up to a six month prison …show more content…

Some people also find it inhumane to deport people that are illegally here within the United States. The other issue that comes into play is the children of the illegal immigrants do they automatically gain citizenship because they’re born here or are they trespassers to. Should the parents gain citizenship because of their children that were born in the United States. On other hand, there’s a lot of speculation about how we should fix the illegal immigration problem. On the anti-immigration side of things people believe in deporting illegal immigrants who are trespassers on US soil. People also believe that we should build a wall in order to keep illegal immigrants out, so that way people can go through the process of becoming a citizen or obtaining a visa in order to live here. Showing weaknesses to other countries that our borders are nonsecure and that we allow anybody in makes America have a weak appearance as a global

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