Education Argumentative Essay

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Before, the education system used to have the best interest of children but instead it seems as if the professionals who work for the system cares more about the job qualifications than the true value of education and how well the people are attaining it. Public education uses to led the road to success, but after going through thirteen years of it and seeing what the public education system is all about, people have come to realize that it only affect others later on in life negatively.
Growing up they said that education is the key to life. Without an education you won’t make it very far in life, at least that is what adults preaches. According to Capra "America must acknowledge that education is a public necessity and not a luxury for
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If teachers really care about making sure that a student is getting the proper education and learning what they need to learn, they would never say that or even have that mentality. They fail to realize that by putting less interest in helping the youths will only hold them back from moving forward to the next step. Also, the system suspends many kids out of the school because it is in the disciplinary code. Students that get kicked out of school for a long period of time start to miss out on school work and eventually start to fall behind and fail. When things like this start to happen, it only leads to the youth dropping out of school. It also leads them into a depressant mode. And depressant mode only leads to one thing and that is committing suicide. At this point in life, we cannot afford to allow the youth to stay away from school. In order for any youth to find a job they need their education and staying away from school cannot help that. There is punishment for every wrong action that a student may do, but keeping them away from school for a long period of time does not fix the situation because they end up missing work. Some students do not take the full advantage of public education. Maybe because of the simple fact that it is free they feel as if they can fool around with it. According to Gatto, "We have been taught (that is, schooled)…show more content…
Public education has been for granted and later on in life young people become affected by it. Some of the youths were not taught about the majority of the knowledge that they will need to apply in the real world, which began to hold them back when they go out in the world to find a proper job. There are not enough teachers out there that are willing to go the extra mile for the youths in making sure that they are receiving the knowledge needed to take the higher and become successful. The punishments that teachers throw at the youths when they misbehave in school are a part of the reason why most of the students are falling behind. We need a stronger public system and less mistreatment in the system. We also need more interesting lessons that relate to the outside world. That way the youths will be more focused on school and will be able to find a proper job. The public education has become
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