Persuasive Essay: A Note On Hunting And Hunting

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Another thing that will help you is knowing your adversary. Learn as much as you can about the game your hunting. Learn about the habits and life styles, such as when they feed or are laying down. Go deer watching. Yes that’s just like bird watching but for deer. Go sit in their natural habitats and watch the way they move, what they eat, or what happens when they hear noise. This will help you stalk deer. All of this information is completely useless if you can’t shoot your bow accurately. Their really is no short cuts or cheats to shooting bow. The only thing you can do is shoot. Watching Youtube videos will help you know the proper form but after that is just trial and error. Once you have learned how to shoot your bow and have your…show more content…
I do the same basic things I would normally do for rifle hunting. The rules for hunting state that you can hunt a half hour before sunrise to a half hour after sun set. Most hunters like to be at the place where they plan to sit about ten minutes before its legal shooting hours.
I try to do this but it’s hard for me to get up in the morning. In the evening I like to be siting about two hours before legal shooting hours are over. The only major thing I have to do different is be close enough to the deer to get a shot. When I am rifle hunting I use a 30-06 which goes about 2,910 feet per second, my bow only goes 300 feet per second. This basically means I have to be a lot closer to my target in order to hit it. This to me is one of the most frustrating part of archery
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There is on time that I will never forget. It was early in the morning, I was running behind about 15 minutes, so by the time I got out in the woods it was legal shooting hours. Theirs a spot on the side of the road where corn is stored by Game Fish and Parks. I had seen deer their before so I drove be before hiking in to my stand. Standing 40 yards is probably the biggest buck I have ever seen on public hunting grounds. I jumped out of my truck and pulled up on him. Now my bow has three sights on it. They are set at ten yards, 20 yards, and 30 yards. The deer being at 40 yards I was a little unsure if I could hit him. I had shot at 40 yards before so I roughly knew I had to use my 30 yard sight and aim around 2.5 to 3 feet above the buck. By the time I had all this calculated the buck didn’t want to stick around any longer so he ran off. It had just snowed the night before so it was easy for me to follow him. I followed him for about a mile the he jumped the fence onto private land ending the hunt. I still have yet to see him again. Most hunters that I know that both bow and rifle hunt feel the same
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