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I have studied of art and product design where a love of art inspired me to be creative. I have always been fascinated about makeup and the styles especially the special effects side and all the other theatrical and media makeup and creative styles. I love to do makeup and other artistic pursuits I have always wanted to do what felt was good for me and now that I have found something of interest to me I feel so lucky that I am determined to be the best I can be. I am always trying out new ideas and makeup looks. I have attended Birmingham South college studied level 3 in Theatrical special effects media makeup body art.I have learnt the techniques of makeup and designs, I have learnt how to do mood boards and create and draw design plans …show more content…

Also I have done makeup on models. I have learnt self skilled in bridal makeup I have also done makeup for a youth video program that Coventry students were filming done special effects makeup on the actors and applied makeup on the actresses. Experience doing makeup for a comedy sketch for a you tube channel I did makeup for a film they were filming called UNCLE G.Makeup on models for charity events catwalk fashion shows.I am always creative and update my portfolio and my makeup skills. I am interested in this course and I want to develop my skills and knowledge further by doing a higher degree course,I want to pursue more experience and I feel that I am capable to learn more new skills and gain more experience and become a professional makeup artist. I would be so grateful to study in a class to and learn that would prepare me to work in the professional industry and not only do I think this course will enable me to learn more new forward skills and techniques and it will help me to perfect my techniques I have learnt so far But I will look forward to learning new techniques and working with new styles and professional equipment that I will be introduced too.I want to study under experienced tutors who will help me peruse my

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