Art Essay: The History Of Makeup Artistry?

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Natalie Williams
English III
4 April 2014

Natalie Williams
Spring 2014
I’m sure every girl has played in their own or mothers make-up before at least once in their life. Or you may have even been to a MAC store or seen make-up tutorials online. Think of your clients as if they were your canvas. Depending on the type of MUA you are, you could even create imaginative characters and special effects for theaters and films. Skilled MUA’S play the game with no rules. Make-up artists must have an imagination. Some of the most popular and best of them around are Bobbi Brown, Keyvin Aucoin and Ve Neill. Make-up artists have a fun job; they must be very creative to come up with new looks that fit every client.
The beginning of make-up artistry started over 6,000 years ago (Bailey, Ekate. “The History of Makeup Artistry”). It all began with the ancient Egyptians. “Around 4000 B.C. Egyptian wall carvings showed make-up on men and women” (Bailey, Ekate. “The History of Makeup Artistry”). Both men and women used khol for eyeliner. They would apply eye make-up with a small smooth stone. For the powder and lips they ground carmine beetles which made a red powder. During the middle ages people would wear pale makeup which would make them look very pale, this was a sign of wealth (Bailey, Ekate. “The History of Makeup Artistry”).
There are two different categories of make-up artists. The first category is cosmetic or fashion artists. Cosmetic or fashion artists usually work at make-up counters or prepare models for photo shoots. Their main focus is to make the client look their best. Fashion artists have to work with designers to create a certain look whereas cosmetic artists work with the client to get their ...

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...hat type of make-up artist that you are your ultimate goal is to satisfy the client.

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