Personal Statement

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The choices we make early in life have an enormous impact on our future. I have always known that I wanted to directly impact people’s lives. My personal experiences have had a large impact on my motivation to accomplish all my dreams. In the future, I would love to influence another generation of students to soar for their dreams.

Throughout school, I suffered from test anxiety. Taking standardized tests always stressed me out and I would perform much lower than my grades suggested I was capable. Because of my low SAT scores, I worried that I would not be accepted into the college of my choice, but over time I have realized that my positive attributes can offset my low test scores. Working with high school students, I would love to guide students burdened by test anxiety find ways to overcome their fears.

During high school, I had a supportive parent who expected me to go to college, which has presented me with a multitude of opportunities. However, many students do not have support and may be unaware of their options following high school. I would love to work with students with limited resources find a way to attend college or have a successful career without a college degree.

My freshman year of college, my parents separated and my siblings and I all reacted differently: I focused my attention on school, my sister focused on friends, and my brother shut down. Watching the three different reactions to the same event sparked my interest in the effects divorce have on the teenage population. As a school counselor, I would like to work with individuals facing issues that affect the important relationships within their life.

I possess many personal attributes that will help me accomplish my goals. First, I am an active liste...

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... in the effects of divorce after my parents separation during my freshman year of college and I observed my siblings and my different reactions to the event: I focused on school, my sister focused on friends, and my brother shut down. Watching the three different reactions to the same event has increased my desire to support students as they cope with a variety of stressful situations.

I am interested in how different events can affect a student’s life academically, socially, and psychologically, as well as the unique reaction to the challenges when faced during adolescence. When people face negative situations, many rebel through unproductive behaviors to escape the pain, but I would like to take students’ negative attitudes and turn them into productive behaviors so that students will be able to work together to deal with the various challenges of high school.
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