A Career In Pediatric Oncology

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Pediatric Oncology is at the heart of many organizations. There are many financial and emotional burdens associated with a loved one having cancer, and thanks to these foundations parents and children can sleep a little bit better at night knowing that someone has their back. Some of the more prominent groups that have an impact here in our community are: Alliance for Childhood Cancer, Bear Necessities Pediatric Cancer Foundation, CURE Childhood Cancer, and National Cancer Institute (Mccaul). These are organizations that make an impact in the lives of the children battling cancer and their families. Whether an organization has been started in memory of a loved one or to support a college or hospital, organizations like those listed above have…show more content…
Among these programs are Speech and Debate, Business Professionals of America, Health Occupation Students of America, and all Advanced Placement classes will help prepare you for a career in the medical field. In order to work in a health care field you must be outgoing, able to work alongside others, and maintain a certain level of professionalism which all of the classes promote. “Doctors who display superior communication and leadership qualities advance to supervisory or managerial positions in hospitals and health networks. Those who start their own practices take on entrepreneurial roles and employ staff according to their needs. Some doctors join medical schools as faculty, and can gradually move into administrative roles” (Careers). By taking vigorious classes throughout your high school career you can be better prepared to achieve supervisory or managerial…show more content…
Students can pursue a joint M.D. /Ph.D. in Cancer Biology or enroll in a research fellowship or residency program. These can include a 3-year clinical research fellowship in oncology or a 4-year residency program in radiation oncology.” (Stanford). You will first complete the required medical program and then begin on your residency and during that time you will begin to specialize in Pediatric Oncology.
The Council of Pediatric Specialties gives a look into what an average work week looks like for Pediatric Oncologists. “The majority of pediatric Hematologist/Oncologists work more than 40 hours per week and hence those considering this career should be prepared for hard work both during training and beyond” (CoPS). The hours worked will, of course, depend on the number of patients a doctor needs to see in a day and the amount of home calls a certain physician gets for patient
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