School Guidance Counseling Group: When Parents Divorce

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Divorce is a significant and mounting problem influencing children’s social and academic development. It has been found to be one of the most traumatic events that can occur in the life of a child (Beverly, Molloy, Hart, Ginsberg & Mulvey, 2007). Support groups have been found to have a positive effect on students by helping them deal with the situation constructively and mitigating their attention back onto their academic performance and positive peer relations (Beverly et al, 2007). Corey, Corey and Corey (2014) highlight the first step in planning a group is to come up with a proposal. This purpose of this paper is to put forth that proposal for implementation of a divorce support group in a particular school setting. School Guidance Counseling Group: When Parents Divorce A significant portion of children in the United States are impacted by divorce. Empirical investigations verify that children of divorce are at a heightened risk for the development of psychological, social, behavioral and academic issues (Amato, 2000; Amato, 2001). Amato and Keith (1991) studied the welfare of children of divorce compared with that of children whose parents are still married to each other. Children from divorced families scored considerably lower on a range of outcomes and it was shown that these problems can persist into adulthood. Given the high rate of divorce and the negative effects it has on our youth, the implementation of effective prevention programs has great significance (Wolchik, West, Sandler, Tein, Coatsworth, & Lengua, 2000). Rationale When considering the implementation of a school based counseling group it is important to consider the evidence. The use of data-based practices in such groups requires tha... ... middle of paper ... ... and if the group helped them. This will serve as a way to bring closure to the group while also obtaining evaluation from the student’s perspective. Discussion around this topic will include a prompting for the student to complete the sentence “One way I have grown since the divorce is…” and also highlighting the most important thing they have learned from participating in the group. We will also go over the topics discussed, and the techniques learned in order that I can make an assessment of knowledge and growth. As a culminating activity I would ask that the students draw a picture to symbolize the ways that they have grown in their capacity to cope with the divorce or take better care of their physical, mental or emotional wellbeing. At the conclusion of the group, students will share their pictures with the group and also discuss ways to seek outside help.