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I know that the Modern Foreign Languages Department at your school is well equipped and the fact that the inspectors in the recent Ofsted inspection pointed out that German consistently performs well proves that teaching and learning is highly effective. In addition, I am extremely attired in the experiment in which the most able Year 9 pupils are being prepared to enter GCSE French/German. I would very like to be part of successful school and department and I am convinced that I am able to make significant contribution to maintain and raise the present high standards. In the last two years I gained an insight in how to lead a department successfully and I made notable contribution to the development and implementation of practices for the subject and whole school policies. Since last September I take part in the head of department meetings on behalf of my current head of department. During these meetings I keep the head teacher as well as the other head of departments informed about current issues and plans in the MFL department and I define the MFL department position when it comes to discussing issues which affect all departments. Moreover, since last year I am a member of the ‘School Improvement Group’ where I have to evaluate current practise and make recommendations for improvements. For instance, I undertook research on how successful the implementation of the ‘Extended Learning Opportunities was. I carried out a survey in year 8 and year 10, analysed the results and made recommendations to the head teacher on how to make the Extended Learning Opportunities better working. Lastly, last December I took part in a course entitled ‘How to be an Outstanding Head of an MFL Department’. During this course I receiv... ... middle of paper ... ...sson, lead the pupils’ panel and put forward the recommendation on who to employ. In addition, I also proposed the purchase of new resources; the head of department followed my advice. I am certain that I would be able to lead the MFL department at your school successfully. I would continue the good practice and I would put all my knowledge gained during the last two years into practice in order to raise standards even further. For instance, I would focus on improving the GCSE results in French and to create more opportunities for pupils to work independently as well as to ensure that work is matched to students’ ability. I would use the strategies outlined above in order to achieve this. Moreover, I could contribute positively to the out-of-school learning by setting up a trip Germany as I strongly believe that this is a unique learning experience for pupils.

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