Personal Reflection: The Importance Of Active Listening

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The concept that I find most important in this module is active listening. Active listening is the verbal and nonverbal cues one person uses to respond to another which improves mutual understanding. Active listening enables us to receive the whole message and allows us to respond appropriately. I believe that active listening is important because it cultivates long-term trusting relationships which are an important skill to have as an effective leader. Active listening enables you to be an overall better communicator with subordinates, peers, and supervisors and improves workplace productivity. Ultimately, active listening will inspire confidence and will make my subordinates, peers, and supervisors feel more valued and part of the team.…show more content…
I will do this by making sure that I stop what I am doing when they approach me and give them my undivided attention. Doing this will show my subordinates that I have a genuine desire to listen to what they have to say, and also indicates that I care about their well-being. When they know I care, they will feel more comfortable to approach me with questions, opinions, or concerns. I will paraphrase what my subordinate is saying as needed or at the end of the conversation. Paraphrasing will assure my subordinates that I not only hear what they are saying, but that I understand them as well. The more I understand my subordinates, the better I can assist or empathize. If required, I will find a location where there will be no distractions. Seeking a quiet location will limit any distracting side conversations. Finding a quiet location will benefit my subordinate because I will be able to focus on them and comprehend the true meaning of what they are saying. I will also be able to pick up their nonverbal cues to help me determine if there is an underlying issue that they are not telling me. When this occurs, I will ask open-ended questions to encourage them to say more without directing the…show more content…
Practicing active listening with peers is also important as it shows them that I am understanding and reliable. During a conflict, I will make sure that I do not cross my arms. I will have an open mind when communicating with my peers. I will ensure that I state my opinions respectfully, and make sure that I do not interrupt with counter arguments. When I am respectful and do not interrupt my peers, they will know that I am not biased and that we can come to a better solution together. During a conversation, I will give minimal encouragements to let my peers know that fully understand and still listening. This technique will encourage my peers to continue speaking, and show them that I am not trying to shut them out or rush them through their conversation. When I actively listen to the opinions and concerns of my peers, they will know that I am a team player. When we communicate, my peers will feel more at ease, and they will more readily, openly, and honestly exchange
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