Personal Perspectives On Ethical And Moral Perspectives

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• Describe any pivotal experiences or situations in your life that profoundly changed your ethical/ moral perspectives or that served to strengthen the perspectives that you already held.
One of the most pivotal experiences or situation that I had that profoundly changed my ethical/moral prospective to strengthen the perspective that I already have is when I was a manager at a fast food restaurant and we /I had an incident that took place. The incident was a missing deposit. It all started when I made the cash sheet for the daily run for the Dunbar Courier. The report said that the cash sheet was supposed to have two deposits. One was present the other one was not in the safe. One of my most ethical statement was to be open and honest as possible. When you work as a manager you are in the eyes of all the many people, costumers and businessmen that perceives you as a sound ethical person who does the business by the books. I can really vivid the points that occurred on that particular day, because that say will forever play over and over. What could have I done differently to prevent this from happening?
The day was on a Tuesday morning, and we had just finished a rush of people ordering food of the menu. when Dunbar, a service courier transportation that safeguards money while it is being transported to the bank, came in and was ready to receive the deposit. the courier gave me the key and I opened the safe, only one deposit was in the safe. I immediately called my owner-operator and explained what the situation was. He told me to just give the money to Dunbar courier and he will deal with the matter. I immediately acknowledge his request and proceeded to seal the bag, have the courier sign the book and let him leave wi...

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...ces that are the most likely to result in the long-term from following this philosophy.
Finally, the final vision when I complete this class is to reflect on my ultimate goal; strengthening my moral ethical code of business manners, conduct and prosperity. When I complete this class, I will use a smart method that will motivate me to use all of the philosophies that business used to make a sound decision whether it be a teleology, an egoism, a Utilitarianism, a Deontology, a Relativist, a Virtue Ethics or just plan justice. Philosophy that will work in the near future. IN long term thinking, these philosophies will enable me to make a sound business decision, both on an off the records of the judicial system when it comes to being right or wrong. I will also use the SMART method that will enable me to keep using goals and motivation that I will use prosperity.

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