Personal Narrative- The Day My Sister Left for College

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810 words

Personal Narrative- The Day My Sister Left for College

I had woken up extra early that morning to watch it all happen. To watch part of my life that had been ever so dominant disappear in a small gold 96’ Saturn. I watched it carefully, not thinking that these few moments would be our last, but that they would be the last that we were in some way equal.

The day that my big sister drove away to college was the day my life changed. For the past 15 years, I had wanted to live and breathe whatever she did. A living shadow, I guess would be a good way to describe it. She was just so cool. Who wouldn’t want to be her?

Flashbacks entered my head as my mom and dad scurried around for the last things to load up while my sister read off the never ending check list to the air. I guess I was supposed to be checking, making sure that she hadn’t forgotten anything, but memories of Barbie Dolls and Lucky Charms flooded my brain.

It was about one o’clock when she finally pulled away, but not before saying her goodbyes. Humid summer wind blew her hair in her eyes. She started with our f...

In this essay, the author

  • Narrates how they had grown inseparable over the past few years especially, but now it was time to say goodbye. they knew at that point that nothing at all would change.
  • Narrates how they woke up early to watch part of their life disappear in a gold 96' saturn. they had wanted to live and breathe whatever she did for the past 15 years.
  • Narrates how they realized that things wouldn't be the same between them, because in reality, she would be there, and they'd always be sisters.
  • Narrates how they realized how dumb this was. "i’d be doing the same thing if i were her."
  • Opines that the saturn had driven down that road so many times, but this time it was special because we were letting go of a lifetime of being the little sister.
  • Explains that they have yelled "have a safe ride home!" to the back of the gold 96' saturn. they might have needed their sister to guide them through every gate in life, but now they are confident to lead themselves.
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