Personal Narrative: Suicide And Suicide

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Oh Sh*t! The door slams shut in my face, and suddenly I am stuck in a tight, dark room, where I can’t even move my arms to be able to scratch my nose. It feels as if I have been buried alive, as if I am stuck in a coffin. Every second goes by painfully, seconds feel like hours, and minute’s feel like days. It suddenly kick in… I have been this cruel to everyone since the beginning of time. I did this to Melvin and Pricilla, and so many others. I don’t like how it feels. Am I actually feeling sorry for them? I never knew that the saying “what goes around comes around” was actually true. I guess to this day I have never believed in karma. I swear to god if I get out I will never bully anyone ever again! Please someone get me out of here.

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