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Suicide is a preventable, yet a very serious public health problem. In 2009, more deaths resulted from suicide than from car accidents in the United States. Citation here! In the past, suicide prevention has been more geared towards youths and adolescents. However, recent research has shown an increase in suicide of middle-aged adults and this increase places suicide at the fourth leading cause of death among this age group. Citation here Little is known about midlife suicides, so with that in mind, direct practice workers need an understanding in how to address the needs and concerns of the middle-age group, so that suicide can be prevented.
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2013), suicide rates among persons aged 35-64 years has increased to 28.4% from a previous percentage of 13.7 per 100,000 populations. You misquoted, this should be 28.4 per 100,000 which is much different than 28% There needs to be a push for suicide preventive measures that are geared more towards this particular age group. Middle-aged adults are likely to have mental health issues and stress. Such stress can come from dual caregiver responsibilities, economic challenges, and health problems. As the “baby boomer” generation is increasing in numbers, many middle-aged adults are left with stress of caring for parents and children. The three most used methods for suicide involves the use of a firearm, poisoning and suffocation by hanging. The greatest increase in incidents of suicide was shown in men aged 50-54 years and women aged 60-64.
Treatment of suicidal tendencies at any age, involves reducing risk factors for those tendencies. Maris (2010) listed some common single predictors of suicide. Some of the ...

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... I think it is important to conduct more research on why adults choose to end their lives. Many families suffer every day because someone they have loved chose to commit suicide. A suicide attempt is an indication that something is wrong in a person's life, no matter their race, age, or how poor or rich a person is matters. Many who die by suicide have a mental or perhaps an emotional disorder. The NASW Code of Ethics is intended to act as a guide for professional social workers that contains many values, principles and ethical standards. Suicide falls under several of the professional standards. For example, 1:01 involves a commitment to clients, 1.04 concerns competence, and 3.02 standards involve education and training. I think as a future professional social worker, it is my duty to learn all I can about suicide and possible prevention to serve future clients.

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