Essay On Suicide Prevention

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Suicide is a hidden problem, it is an avoidable problem through the adequate components,however it has tragic consequences. It not only appears in your local community, but it is a nation wide matter that is harmful and needs to be dealt with as well as overcome. Suicide is due to consequences of social, economic and psychological damages. Suicide is an ongoing problem with our population today and it is a leading cause of death in America. A life perished is a lost life with no cure, however a life suffering now has a cure and should be helped.Suicide prevention is tied in with raising awareness and concern in hope of helping those in need.Through suicide prevention we can gradually decrease the numbers of life loss on a basis as well as help…show more content…
Such as abuse as a child the reoccurring events that flash through your memory or that may still be occurring. The bullying that people face that still haunts them. Problems reoccurring in the house hold that are inevitable as well as toxic. The most common suicides by method According to the Center for disease Control would be through suffocation,poisoning,and firearms. The number of deaths through suffocation would be 11,855. The number of deaths through poisoning would be 6,816as for the number of deaths caused by firearms would 22,018. These number are massive and although people differentiate on how to solve their problems their are millions of people who do it through a tragic way.To emphasize one life lost is one too many. In addition to the emotional loss associated with suicide,there is also an economic loss. suicide accounted for $50.8 billion which is 24% of the fatal injury cost.Although people may retaliate and say that suicide is expensive which I agree. However the loss of a life does not compare itself to any amount of money life is…show more content…
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