Personal Narrative: My Experience As A Museum Educator

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1925 words

Before walking into this internship I outlined my learning that I planned to accomplish while working at the Franklin Institute. My learning objectives for this internship were based on the theme of being a museum educator. I established these goals as if I were an education major. I wanted to see if this was a possible career choice for me. I had no clue what I wanted to do after college when I started this class. My three learning objectives were; to learn about how the Discovery camp and museum works, gain experience working with supervisors and other volunteers to strengthen my teamwork and communication skills, and to gain exposure working in a museum setting and gain experience using props and hands on activities to education children …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that they outlined their learning objectives for the internship at the franklin institute based on the theme of being a museum educator. they had no idea what they wanted to do after college.
  • Explains how they learned about the discovery camp and museum and how the themes were planned for the year. they learned that it takes a lot of teamwork and creativity to plan the camp.
  • Describes how they gained experience working with supervisors and other volunteers to strengthen their teamwork and communication skills.
  • Narrates how they had to deal with the parents after camp asking how their child was or if they wanted us to do something for their son. one mother asked them to help her son make friends.
  • Explains that they wanted to go outside of their comfort zone and engage a whole classroom and run an activity during camp. during field to fork week, they taught kids about cows and hydroponics.
  • Opines that the experience has helped them find a career path for life after college. they will utilize this experience to network themselves within the museum community.
  • Opines that they loved being a camp counselor because they floated around the classrooms helping counselors who had rowdy kids by keeping them focused and out of trouble. they also learned to be flexible with the age groups.
  • Describes how they learned about hydroponics during class week, and how working with children with special needs taught them to modify lesson plans to fit with the child's needs.

During my interview she asked me “Why do you want to intern here?” she was interested in why a non-education major wanted to be an intern here. I told her that I don’t know what I want to do when I graduaye and that working at the Franklin Institute as a camp counselor will give me the opportunity to get firsthand experience as an educator, to see if this one of the career choices for me. I also told Jess during my interview what my learning objectives were so she knew what my goals were. It is visible that I have demonstrated these goals and have gained stronger skills with my progression from being quite working one on one to taking charge of a classroom of sixty obnoxious first graders with Legos, and trying to get them to listen to me without touching the Legos in front of …show more content…

I entered this internship in panic mode and scaared of the future. I am now happy and love my internship. Everryday is different and I have not had one bad experience. I love the kids, camp, and staff at the Franklin Institute. It is a lot of fun teaching children science and seeing the look on their faces when you’re blowing stuff up, playing with liquid nitrogen or just doing an activity.l I will utilize this experience to network myself within the museum community. The museum educators community is small and everyone knows each other or has worked at the Franklin and moved on to other museums in Philadelphia. The Franklin Institute is also a prestigious and wwell known museum across the United States. It will definitely have me stand out on my resume, espicaally my job title as a Sppecial Needs Camp Counselor. I worked one on one with kids with different disabilities and modified the lesson plans for their needs so then can get the full experience at camp. My favorite memory of making a difference with a child of special needs was a boy named Jacob. He had several learning disabilities, socially awkward but he was genius his health notes said. He loved to play with the imagination playground blocks and make obstacle courses and have the younger kids try it out. Jacob asked if he could play with blocks during camp, I was asked to stay late and play with Jacob. It was so much fun building an

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