Personal Narrative: My Cat

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I have a love for cats. Ever since I was a teenager I always wished for a cat of my own. When I moved in a three story apartment in California, the Manager of the complex said that cats were allowed in the units. I mentioned to my Aunt at the time that I was searching in the newspapers under advertisements for cats wanted. One cool breezy evening, my Aunt called me and said that a friend of her's named Judy had a cat named Katie who did not get along with her other two cats. So I agreed to meet with Judy to see if I'd love to adopt Katie.

As my Aunt and I entered Judy's house which was a fifteen minute drive from where I live, I noticed cut black and white cat long haired cat with a pink nose and mysterious slanted eyes sneaking up on me near the corner of the hallway of the house. Judy shared with me that Katie was spayed, what foods to feed the cat and that she was tramatized. Judy had shared with me that she took Katie to the Shelter to try to find the owners but to no aval. You see, Katie had showed up at Judy's arcadia door so Judy took her in and kept her for several months before deciding to give the cat away.

When I bought Katie to my apartment, she was so frightened. She meowed all night. I called Judy to say that I didn't think I could care for her, but Judy encouraged me to give the cat time to adjust, because she was in a new surrounding. I started feeding my new cat fresh Purina One Special Care dry food and Friskies moist food along with a fresh bowl of water each morning and evening. I also bougth a cat brush to stroke her long luxurious black and white hair, plus I took her to the Vet for an annual booster and rabie shot so I could give the records of the shots to my Manager.

I've discovered so much about cats since I adopted Katie. I decided to change her name to Sugar, because of her white tuxedo. I bought her a condo to sleep on plus a new littler box. I also give her a cat vitamin by chopping the vitamin up an placing the tiny pieces in her bowl.