Compare And Contrast Cat Vs A Cat

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When you talk to pet owners about owning a cat versus a dog, it stirs up much controver-sy in many ways. By looking at both cats and dogs, the cat outweighs the dog in many ways, which makes the cat the superior selection when making a final decision on which one to get. Cats have very desirable qualities that make them an award winning choice to many owners. The qualities that appeal to most are the ability of the cat to live in small spaces, they do not eat large amounts of food for their meals, and they are very sedentary and independent in nature making them a low maintenance pet. One additional desired feature is cats are well suited for owners that have a very busy lifestyle and minimal time to give to their pet. This added feature…show more content…
The high demands that are placed on pet owners when a dog is selected sometimes wreak havoc soon after it is introduced into the family. Dogs are high maintenance with an above average degree of time requirements that usually become a hindrance to pet owners in the early phase of ownership. The cat does not present these problems, which is part of the low maintenance advantage many pet owners seek. Dogs can have separation anxiety, use the bathroom in the home for spite when left alone for long hours, and usually requires lots of exercise which mandates the pet owner to be available during the day to provide the appropriate amount of exercise needed by a dog. This is the polar opposite when the cat has been selected by the new pet owner. Cats re-quire less exercise making this one of the most desirable characteristics of the cat. The so called “needy” dog requirement can become a huge stumbling block for many owners and can sway dog owners to become cat lovers very quickly. This is partially due to cats simply being able to adapt to a variety of settings, they can withstand hours alone with no human interactions, they are very sedentary in their lifestyle, and can be as loyal as any dog without the requirements that are usually mandated by the dog. As we see, both cats and dogs are the most popular choice
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