Personal Narrative: Joining NJROTC

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My first few weeks at South Side I started seeing students in uniforms. As the weeks progressed, I finally found out who the students were: NJROTC cadets. I located commander in the hall one day and asked about how to join. We got my schedule changed over so that I would be able to be in NJROTC the second semester freshman year. I grew up in a military family. My dad was in the United States Marine Corps. I grew up with structure and discipline, but joining NJROTC taught me a lot more. It taught me why things such as the command chain was used and why we did PT. As my years have progressed, I have learned how to lead and gain self-confidence. I started teaching others about what I have learned and help the new cadets joining NJROTC. Then we started having recruiters…show more content…
A couple of weeks later, we sat down with my mom and decided on my job. I choose to become a Human Resource Specialist. Then the big day came: MEPS. I was excited and nervous, but I was finally glad to be doing it. On March 3rd of 2015, at seventeen years old, I swore to serve and protect my country. It was a big accomplishment for me. It is one day that I definitely will not forget. The feeling and excitement I felt to be doing something so different from all my friends gave me a great since of pride. The following month, I started to drill with my unit until I shipped out for basic. I did not know what a Drill Sergeant was, but I learned real fast. Honestly, going to drill taught me a lot of useful things that I would use in basic. Then the day finally came for me to leave. I left at the end of May about week after my school was over. We drove to Dyersburg to finish my paper work then my recruiter took me to get on my plane in Memphis. I had about a 3 hour flight and then a 5 hour bus ride to get to Fort Jackson, South Carolina. My long journey of ten weeks was just beginning. Basic training pushed me physically and mentally than I thought I was ever capable of
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