Personal Narrative: Freed Hardeman

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Ever since I can remember I have been going to “Flint Hills Christian Camp,” where I have been a camper and a junior counselor. I love being able to interact with the kids and teach them more about God. Camp to me is a second home--I love being able to go there and see all my brothers and sisters in Christ. I have been wanting to go to Freed Hardeman ever since I can remember. When I went on the tour for the first time I became determined to do everything I could to be a part of Freed Hardeman. I was raised up in the Church of Christ by two strong Christian parents and I want to keep strengthening my relationship with God. God has always been a key part of all my decisions, and I know that God is leading me to Freed Hardeman. I understand …show more content…

Including a year in jazz band, six years in marching band and eight years in concert band. The band program has taught me hard work, dedication, and teamwork is the empowering force that can lift one out of mediocrity, to being fourth in the state. I want to be able to take what those years taught me and use it to help me further my education, and to bring up my test scores. Some of my weaknesses are procrastination and impatience, but I am taking proactive measures to resolve these issues. I have started putting reminders on my phone that helps me to remember when I need to start working. This will also help me keep my time spread out so that way if I get impatient with my computer or I can’t think of anything then I have time to take a break and think. Some of my strengths are my determination, my easy going nature and getting along with other people. (Even when no one else seems to get along with that person.) I also try to keep a positive attitude whenever times are getting stressful and it seems impossible to get what needs to be done accomplished. I believe that Freed Hardeman is the best choice to help me achieve my goals. I would be a great addition to Freed Hardeman, because I have a positive attitude and I have the dedication of Ruth the courage of Esther and the example of

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