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Science, childhood I use to write a personal daily diary. In this personal weakness portal, I wrote small personal changes, habits, and life style. When I started understanding different views about life, then I realized this writing is nothing but personal notes, which I wrote as a memory of daily activities, later it become my guidelines to judge myself as a person.
In reality, while we grow as a person in childhood or in early adulthood, we do not have much sensitivity to criticism, but later in life we realize that we as a human being get disturbed for criticism. As a part of our thinking process, we think more as compared to act. Hence, taking things to heart and getting too disappointed when things are done in the wrong way. This weakness is found in a person with sensitivity. Such person has extreme fear of getting rejected. Here I want to elaborate my personal example of …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Describes how they used to write a personal daily diary, which became their guidelines to judge themselves.
  • Opines that a person with sensitivity to criticism has extreme fear of rejection. when someone criticizes something, they lose focus and can't stop thinking about it.
  • Explains that they have spent hours and days thinking about the minimum of critical comments. this personal character makes them lose motivation on significant tasks or make them stop performing in a confident manner due to being disapproved.
  • Explains that they have to respond politely, but emphatically, if they think the criticism was unjustified, and make sure it won't be problematic for anyone.
  • Explains that they follow don gabor's principle to deal with criticism, and that criticism is a part of the learning process and can provide valuable insights into how to improve and grow as leaders.
  • Explains that the last part of being sensitive is how to overcome and improve it. the first step in breaking the habit of taking things personally is to observe the stories
  • Opines that people are busy in this world, and may not have time for you. initially this thought made them nervous and lonely feeling, but gradually i started accepting this as a fact.
  • Describes how they open their notes and analyze them to discover themselves with more wisdom. they promised themselves to start their day with innovative and practical activities like meditation, yoga, going to the gym, writing a blog, and writing down goals.
  • Narrates how they learned to share thoughts and communicate with loved ones. don gabor's "how to start a conversation and make friends" gave them ideas before they started communicating with others.
  • Opines that getting together is the best way to disseminate the pattern of taking things personally. it takes a deep and committed discipline to shift out of this pattern.
  • Explains that listening to one's own voice is appropriate to deal with being sensitive. this meditation procedure helped them find their inner strength.
  • Explains that they used unemotional language when communicating casually. they noted that most of the time we talk first and think later.
  • Explains how they changed their life style to fit for this by eating enough and sleeping enough.
  • Opines that the most important point in this personal weakness is that, don't try to change others, instead of changing myself. it may just be an indication that i have taken a risk.
  • Opines that what motivates them to do the right thing is more important than what others say. this path helped them become a strong leader, instated of being sensitive.

So, I have decided to work on those weaknesses in order to not make me matter too much in my life. If I don’t they will produce negative consequences and may even disrupt my efforts while I use my personal strengths.
If we learn the benefits of not taking things personally, then reacting to criticism or thoughts decreases. I started looking at myself as a person the most focusing on dictating only to me, to put me on the right track for success and avoiding nonproductive activities from my daily life. The first step in breaking the habit of taking things personally is to observe the stories I tell myself. Gradually, these stories made me stronger and stronger and it reduced the time on thinking on other issues (Jaeger, 2004).
Always remember that people are busy in this world. They may not have time for you. Initially this thought made me nervous and lonely feeling, but gradually I started accepting this as a fact which made me easy on dealing with

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