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It is impressive where taking a chance can lead. Only a year ago I was doing my best to get through the college application process As much as I heard about how classes in college would be different from high school, it was still an adjustment. I did well academically during the first semester, completing it with a 3.4 GPA. Yet I know I could have done better still, and that I can do better this semester as well. The first round of tests will begin next week, and after getting a glimpse over the last few weeks I know it is within my reach to make an ‘A’ in each of the courses I am taking. Although the total course load I am enrolled in for this semester is on the high end, 19 credit hours, I know that by planning things out and using my time efficiently I should do well and not fall behind. In addition to the courses from my major, engineering and calculus, and am taking three classes as part of a minor in business, and a kinesiology class. The two remaining classes, which are also the ones I am the most excited for, are ‘Design Process’ and an engineering research elective. The reason I am excited for these two classes is that they are different from any class I have previously taken.

Even though I read the Design Process syllabus before attending class, and it explicitly stated that the class would be different, I was amazed of how different it truly was. During the professors first presentation however, it became very clear that the course was indeed completely different from any class I have ever taken before. Instead of simply learning knowledge, the course is based on actually creating knowledge by using our imagination and using that knowledge to solve the challenges which the world is facing. The engineering researc...

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... involved in and I am amazed at how much I like it. Monday afternoons I spend at Bible study, where we discuss aspects of Christianity and how they apply to our lives. Tuesdays is Breakaway, where thousands gather at Reed Basketball Arena for lecture, and mass on weekends has become a group activity for my friends and me. Becoming closer to church has been such a great change. It’s changed the way I see life, the way I see others, and the way I see myself.

Although I looked forward to college and knew that many new opportunities would present themselves, I am still impressed by the fact that I have found many of them early in my college career. During the five months I have been part of Texas A&M I have grown - in academics, learning outside the classroom, meeting new people and making friends, and becoming closer to church.

Thank you for your consideration.
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