Personal Narrative- Faith Through Grandfather's Surgery

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Personal Narrative- Faith Through Grandfather's Surgery

At a time when I thought things could not get any worse, I found out that my grandfather would have to go through a triple bypass heart surgery. This news devastated me. My grandfather- Ampaw is what we call him, is not only my grandfather- but also my best friend. He is my role model, and I have an immeasurable love for him. I had just lost my great grandmother, and now my grandfather was going to have to go through a life threatening surgery. The news not only devastated me, but also made me ask “Why him?” I was fearful of the whole situation, and I wondered why he would have to go through this after just losing his own mother.

My grandfather went to a hospital in Houston to have his surgery conducted by a specialist. My grandmother spent day and night in the hospital, never leaving his side. Their five children all took turns staying in the hospital with my grandparents. Most of the time, my mother stayed in Houston, and I stayed with her. To see my grandfather go through that amount of pain was horrible. My heart ached as I prayed for God to heal him and help him though the surgeries. My fear continued to grow at this point, but my grandparent’s faith remained strong.

Many obstacles were faced as my grandfather went through the different surgeries. The most amazing thing that I saw while staying in the hospital with my grandparents was how much their faith was involved in every aspect of their lives. My grandparents never lost their faith in God through every obstacle they faced. Their faith in no way was selfish. No matter how bad things seemed to be for themselves, they always took time to pray for the doctor’s and nurse’s needs. Seeing their love for God inspired me. I could see the lessons God was trying to teach me through the whole situation.

Although my grandfather’s recovery still caused him some physical struggles, God brought him through and built him up spiritually. His joy for life was overflowing, and his faith was stronger than ever. He knew firsthand, the power of God.

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