Personal Narrative Essay: The Entrance Of Bypass Surgery

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1019 words

It wasn’t that it was a Monday morning or that I couldn’t sleep that devastated me. No, it was a simple phone call that turned my life upside down. The call was about my grandpa having a minor heart attack and was being transported to Abbott Northwestern hospital in Minneapolis. I dropped my thoughts and stood dazed for a moment. I had so many questions, but I needed to get down to the cities was on the very top of my list. My mother told me to pack a bag so we could leave immediately. I had no time for tears but I felt a lump in my throat the whole way down to the cities. For the most part it seemed fake, how could this even happen? Once in the enormously huge hospital, we asked for help finding his room. We stepped into the gold elevators and went up to the fifth floor. As I stepped into his room, he was laying on his bed in a hospital gown which was very chilling to see. My grandpa was doing fine, just waiting for his doctor to come in and explain what was going on. They could not perform surgery because of medication he received at the hospital in Crosby for the heart …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Recounts how a simple phone call about their grandpa's heart attack turned their life upside down. they dropped their thoughts and stood dazed.
  • Describes how their grandpa was laying on his bed in a hospital gown, waiting for his doctor to come in and explain what was going on. an angiogram was scheduled for later that day.
  • Describes how their grandpa had a normal blood pressure and heart attack, but he had four total blockages and two 90 percent blocksages.
  • Describes how their grandpa needed a bypass surgery, which involves using veins from the leg and bypassing the blockage and reattaching.
  • Narrates how they struggled to keep calm on the day of the surgery. they watched him go and felt ignorant and pulled themselves together once more.
  • Describes how the surgery wing made everything seem realistic and smelled of cleaning products and dentists' offices.
  • Narrates how seeing their grandpa's neck was four times its normal size, plus ivs and needles were everywhere. he was moved from icu into recovery.
  • Opines that one can never take the essence of human life for granted. it's sinister how fragile life is and how easily it can end.

The surgery that was needed is called a bypass surgery. Essentially surgeons will use veins from the leg, then take the vein and bypass the blockage and reattach. My grandpa needed not one bypass, but four. Dr. Mudy, the heart surgeon (pronounced Moody) told us that one bypass surgery is a big operation, a four bypass is extremely risky. The news still was alarming, but surgery needed to be done as soon as possible. Another pressing issue was my grandpa’s aortic valve and the top part of the aorta would need to be replaced. Again any open heart surgery is extremely nerve racking and scary. Also the mortality rate for my grandpa given his unique conditions was about twenty-two percent. That night was the first time I cried since being down there. My grandpa wasn’t just my grandpa he was practically the dad I never

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