Personal Narrative Essay: My Experience At Essex County College

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To whomever, it may concern, I would like to introduce myself, I’m Kelly Agurto, a college student who’s currently attending at Essex County College who’s finishing this Fall Semester 2015 and had started in the fall of 2012. I am the youngest child from my mother’s side of the family of both parents. Since both my parents been separated ever since I was six years old. I was fortunate enough to have gotten an opportunity to play soccer both my Freshman and Sophomore year at Essex County College. Soccer has become a medicine, to be able to cope and gained the confidence; also the power to be my own self again. It all started when I was given a chance to play soccer ever since my Junior year in West Orange High School, as a Midfielder. And I’m…show more content…
I had so many goals as in finishing also with beauty school and get my associate’s degree at Essex County College both at the same time. So, I withheld myself from graduating and going to a four year college because I felt I wasn’t honestly ready, but at the same time I wanted to leave to be “free like a bird”. But, then with the support of going through therapy and having a better communication with my Mother, who I look up to. Because in my eyes she’s my role model, who also played both roles as a Mother/Father figure. Who I’m thankful to currently still have in my life, who’s my rock and supporter that haven’t let me down. Thanks to her I brought myself up and have decided to currently end my year and continue on with my life. She had pushed me to finish my beauty school which I did during May until August 7, 2015. The last requirements needed to gain my Cosmetology license would be taking both my practical and theory test. But I will be able to do it in the meantime and I know I will pass them both because with the knowledge and support of my family and friends nothing can obtain me from pursuing onto from accomplishing my life…show more content…
They too are working hard onto becoming important people and I give my nephews and little sister the support and advices they need to become a better and successful person. I suggest them to take high school seriously and prove others that as an individual one can do it and get to a college where they please to go to. Since, I have a part-time job that works everyday and goes to college every morning, Monday through Thursdays. It’s all about time management. If i can do it on my senior year to get honor rolls and then my freshman push myself to the max. I know I’m capable of anything it’s just honestly a matter of believing in yourself. By given an opportunity to continue with my college studies to gain my Bachelor’s degree at William Paterson University would be an honor. By demonstrating where I’m coming from and where I wish to graduate. Also, by further on my studies and maybe with several choices I’m given maybe later on, after, I’m done with University I will go to Virginia Academy. Or go to Essex County Police Academy so, that I can become an FBI
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