Personal Narrative Essay: Lost In A Haze Of Depression

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Lost in a haze of confusion and disappointment. At the age of eight I realize that life isn’t always as simple as I thought it would be. By the age of eight I have lost my father due to a divorce and my mother just fought cancer. I knew that there are many evils in the world that has yet to come visit me. My mother has been weak because of her cancer, but that made her desperate for a helping hand. I was introduced to my worst nightmare yet, her boyfriend. He caused my family to go through unfortunate events. Showing up to school with bruises raised concern about my safety of my home. The guidance counselor then asked me how I got these bruises and I told them that I did something at home wrong and got punished for it. I remember from that…show more content…
The first time I saw her was disappointing, I thought that she would be happy to see me. When I saw her she looked exactly how I left her, heavy hot tears in her eyes. She would talk in a very hush tone and she was very calm. I saw that she brought more of our belongings, is she really leaving us here? Was she not going to fight to get us back? After the slow and somewhat painful visit she told us that she loved us and that she would always be there if we ever call for help. If she really meant that then I’m calling for her now, I needed her help. Nodding and waving her goodbye sent confused thoughts all around in my head. Was she unfit to be a parent? That rest of the day I notice that my siblings were all gloomy and sad. I didn 't know how to react, I would say that I was grieving a lost of my mother, even when she wasn’t gone. That was the day that I believe that I lost her, there 's not much said about losing your mother besides painful. I didn’t know what will happen next but I know that I wouldn’t ever be like her. I will fight for myself and my rights, my family, my safety, and most importantly my…show more content…
There were two reasons why it was so fast because I didn’t have much to pack and also how excited I was to leave that terrible place. Granted that it wasn’t the worst place to live, but I don’t think that it was as inviting as it is. As all of my belongs were packed, we all were excited to leave, but what happens when we leave, will we be able to visit with my mom? When will be the next time I will see her? As all of these questions flew through my mind, I had to stay focused on what I was doing next. Moving in with a wonderful family that is willing to keep me safe and help me stay on track with my academics. Am I going to miss her? Sure I will but there’s nothing that I can change. It’s whether she decided to change and make things right between her and her children. I know my life is going to take me far as long as I stay persistent with my education and knowing who I am through my

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