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Bria Crossley Health Organization Paper 1 Fall 2017 Personal health is extremely important to everyone around the world. But it is especially important to citizens of the United States of America. Being one of the leading countries in Health technology and also in food and beverage leaves most people choosing between living a healthy lifestyle and indulging in the varieties of food we offer. Across the country, many people are living with pre-existing conditions, living in food deserts, living below the poverty line and a long list of other factors that either hinders them from eating healthy or force them to eat healthily. When trying to live a healthy lifestyle in this country not only does the promotion of prevention matter, but also the promotion of Career and job opportunities matter just as much. In the United States, Money equals Power and money also equal the opportunity to create and live a healthier lifestyle. …show more content…

While some diseases are hereditary, most are preventable, But it’s hard to prevent a disease when companies such as Nestlé, Mondelez, and PepsiCo are increasing the levels of sugar, salt, fat, and flavor to products like soft drinks, candy, and cured meats. Food science research has shown that these types of products can stimulate neural circuits similar to those that are stimulated in cases of drug addiction. (Tempels, Verweij and Blok, 2017). In order for those companies to sell as many products as they can they prey on Americans and people around the world disregarding what their products may do to their health? Advertisements from these companies tempt people to give in and buy products they don’t need to eat. Promoting diabetes prevention or obesity prevention would be more successful if there weren’t so many temptations standing in the way of it

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